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Pure Relaxation

27 Nov '22
28 Nov '22
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in the Gartenhotel Heusser

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Deadlines chasing you like mad and no time for yourself? We'll show you how to relax!

That's pure relaxation in the Garden Hotel Heusser in Bad Dürkheim with Qi Gong or Tai-Chi-Quan.

The mysteriously sounding Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese art of meditation in movement of healing properties, which influences the whole frame of mind.
The Qi Gong consists of a sequence of soft, flowing, slowly running movements and standing. By coordinating your internal awareness and teaching you the harmonisation of breathe, we help you control your strenghts and improve your wellness whereas.

The Tai Chi Quan is an intense movement activity form which increases the concentration and reduces aggression, which is important for stressed and depressed people. The Tai Chi Quan is also good for the balance, suppleness and improving the motor skills. It also works for older people, since they are not afraif they can fall down. In contrast to most other exercise, the Tai Chi Quan is easy and pleasant at the same time.

Reiki REI = Universal KI = life energy. The Reiki is an ancient Japanese relaxation and cure method, which allows the transfer of energy by gentle movements of hands. The yoga is not a hoax, but a proven and very old method of healing both body and soul.

The Hartha-Yoga is a fabulous way of fighting stress. "Today, there are many types of physical activity. And the Hatha Yoga is an undisputed and unique hit, in the ancient times practised and cherished by wisemen and rihis.
"It is the most perfect system of refreshing your brain, nerves, organs and tissues. If you exercise the Hatha Yoga, you can have a healthy body and mind but also beautiful memories." 

Exercising (Asanas)
By exersising, you bring balance to your autonomic nervous system, your spirit is quiet.
"Asanas are not a mechanically held posture. It's a careful process leading to a balance between movement and resistance".

Breathing techniques (Pranayama)
Simple breathing exercises improve your ability to concentrate, the head is clear.
"With Yoga you can calm the conflicting thoughts. After a yoga session, the spirit is calm and fully at peace."

Muscular relaxation (Yoga-Nidra)
After exercising for balance, power and vitality.

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