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Framework Program at the Garden Hotel Heusser

17 Oct '19
18 Oct '19
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Framework Program

Barbecue in the Japanese Garden

In the middle of our Japanese Garden there's a unique Teahouse located, hand-built according to a traditional project. It offers space for up to 80 people. The hut is directly linked to the Grill Pavillon,covered and thereby perfect also for celebrations on a rainy day.
There are dozens of opportunities to have fun. Here's what our chef suggests:

The salad buffet
Large salad buffet with colourful, fresh salads
Delicious salads:
Potato salad, pasta salad
Spicy Greek salad
Tomatoes with Mozzarella & fresh basil
Italian antipasti
Grilled dishes
Roast Beef
Palatinate pork steak & grilled sausages
Merguez-Sausage (Lamb)
Marinated turkey breast
Salmon with herbs
Savory cheese with peppers, tomatoes and basil
Side dishes
Potatoes roasted in the oeven with herbs
Different types of bread
Fruit salad "Tropika"
Mixed Ice Cream
Price € 48.00 per person

Minimum 25 persons
Barbecues are possible until 10:00 pm at the Japanese teahouse.
Then we would like to welcome you to our cozy wine tavern.

Palatinate wine tasting in the winery Mesel Bad Dürkheim

Variant 1
Dinner in the hotel (dinner buffet within 
full board package)
Walk to the winery
Directly in the vineyard a meeting with wine-growers and wine tasting.
8-part wine tasting up to 14 persons at a flat rate € 210.00
Each additional person plus € 15.00 per person

Variant 2 is possible from 20 persons
Walk to the winery
We deliver the full board package with the Palatinate specialities right to the winery. Then we all meet the wine growers and discuss with them. Afterwards there's wine tasting.
8-part wine tasting € 15.00 per person
Extra charge for the out door delivery € 8.00 per person

Palatinate Buffet

Dark breads, toast & butter
Our salads & 2 dressing
Tomatoes, cucumber slices
Beetroot & pickled vegetables & stuffed pumpkin
Herring Slices
Cheese Plate
Cold cuts plate
Chopped chives & onions & quark from which you can make a salad
Potato soup
Boiled potatoes with herb cream cheese
Mashed potatoes
Liver dumplings in bacon sauce
Blood & Liversausage
Boiled pork (in the south or in horseradish sauce)
Palatinate Bratwurst
Pig's stomach
Wine mousse
Fruit salad

Crime-Time or Wine & Crime

Dinner with a murderer. You choose your menu or buffet and enjoy the exciting murder case.
Even during a wine tasting a murder can happen, so make sure not none of the participants is missing. From 20 - 40 people. A flat-rate € 600.00 + VAT.
Plus selected food & wine. Larger groups on request.

Wine menu with matching wines

Our chef creates an exclusive, seasonal 5-course menu which we serve in a separate room. The winemaker selects the appropriate fine wines. From 10 persons. Menu from € 55.00 per person.
€ 10.00 per person for wine. Winzer Wine-growers € 250.00 a flat-rate basis.

Bavarian evening

Bavarian 4-course menu in a separate room.
Rustic menu with delicious delicacies and 8 corresponding beers.
€ 63.50 per person

In the grapevine Wine Sensing Seminars

1.5 hours. e.g. "Wine Sensing" € 34.00 "Wine and cheese", "Wine and Chocolate" , "Red Wine Seminar" and "The Territory of the Mittelhaardt" € 35 each.
Net prices from 10 persons per person

Whisky Tasting

1.5 - 2 h - For example: Basic Seminar. Cozy Tasting with 6 Classic Single Malts and plenty of information about the history, taste and aroma creating € 40.00 per person.
Petaed Malts- peat smoky Scottish whiskies € 40,00 per person
Rare Malts- up to 25-year-old whiskies € 60,00 per person
Gross prices from 10 persons per person - minimal price € 400.00 or € 600.00

Rum of the Pirates of Caribbean

1.5 -2 h of exploring diffrent tastes and learning about the production of the rum of the islands of Trinidad, Barbados and also on the main land such as Guyana and Panama.
There will be 6 different rum tasting. € 40.00 per person
Gross prices from 10 persons per Person or € 400.00 Minimum Price

Karaoke, DJ or live music in the wine bar

DJ on request € 150.00 plus VAT with Karaoke
250.00 € live music solo entertainer, Duo 450.00 € each VAT
Most welcome in the wine bar are also other hotel guests.

Winzer Express - ride with music and wine

Time-out with music by the Winzer Express. Enjoy a crazy ride through the beautiful landscape of the vineyards around Bath Dürkheim with musical entertainment at Vespers and 5-part wine tasting.
2.5 Hours from 10 persons € 30,00 per person (smaller groups possible for an additional fee).

Hike to the Limburg Castle

Then a drink (champagne reception in the summer; in the winter mulled wine).
A flat-rate basis about 1.5 hours € 80.00 per tour guide.
Refreshment € 5.00 per person.

Elwetrit Hunting

Dinner in the hotel (dinner buffet within the half board / full board)
Then fun hike to the monument of the Palatinate National Bird across the 
Palatinate vineyards with "Tritschegeist" (ghost) on the way. Ca. 1 ½ hours.
Final in the hotel bar where the ceremony of diploma distribution takes place.
Only possible in the autumn/winter/spring months (Oct. -April).
A flat-rate basis up to 15 persons € 330.00 plus VAT for each additional person € 18.00 per person

City tour Bad Duerkheim

Ca. 1.5 - 2.0 hours.
A flat-rate EUR 55.00 per tour guide

Bad Dürkheim Casino

Nothing goes on - and yet everything is possible.
Free admission to the Casino with sparkling wine upon the arrival as well a declaration of the Roulette-Rules and chips in the amount of € 10.00 per person.
5-50 Persons approx. 45-60 minutes. On request Monday - Thursday evening
€ 20.00 per person

Around the wine in the winery Karl Schafer in Bad Dürkheim

Wine tasting in the cellar
Duration approx. 3/4 hour
Welcome with a glass of sparkling wine or Secco - then touring the cellar with valuable information about the winery and wine production in general, tasting 2 more wines.
Up to 10 people at a flat rate for each additional person € 80.00. Each additional person € 8.00

Base Wine Tasting

Duration approx. 2 hours
Greeting with a Secco in the courtyard of the winery, then touring the cellar, tasting red wine and learning interesting facts about the winery and wine as well as production of sparkling wine in general. Trying 6 other wines in the manor house.
Up to 10 people at a flat rate of € 180.00 and € 18,00 for each additional person

Premium Wine Tasting

Duration approx. 2 hours
The procedure looks similar to the Basic Tasting, however, it focuses mainly on the Erste Lage Fruity Wines and Grosse Gewächse. You will also taste the locally produced sparkling wines and at the end try some mature,sweet wine.
Up to 10 people at a flat rate of € 250,00 and € 25,00 for each additional person

Wine Walk to the Flag Tower

Duration approx. 3 hours
Meeting point in the beautiful garden of the winery or in the hotel.
With a glass of sparkling wine in the hand you learn the history of the winery. Then we'll go together to the vineyards and to the Flag Tower.
Here a fantastic views of the Rhine plain, awaits you! It's not only the architecture consting of modern and historic buildings, but also a small 4-part wine tasting with home-made sausages and rye bread. During the hike you will learn new stuff about the wine and the region. You'll pay a visit to cellars of the local winery.

Wine Walk

Duration approx. 1 hour
Before or after the wine tasting, we would be happy to go with you and your guests on a small tour through the Vineyards
A flat-rate € 50.00
Up to 10 people at a flat rate of € 250,00 and € 20,00 for each additional person.


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