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Additional Information

You will float in a sole, the temperature of which is similar to the temperature of your body (34.8 - 35.2 degrees) so you do not feel the difference of temperature, actually. the ambient air temperature of the skin.

The body does not need to use any energy in order to even the level of temperature between the body and the surroundings. You float in absolute silence or accompanies by a soft music, in complete darkness or with low lighting. The full safety, the warmth, the feeling to be carried by the water, quickly release stress.

During the day your brain uses more than 80% of its capacity to process and to reflect the external stimuli. When floating, your awareness of all the sensory perception is relieved. No gravity, no orientation of the body, no noise, no visual influences, no temperature fluctuations. It is said that 1 h of the floating exchange equals approx. 4-6 hours of sleep.

Simply let yourself this soothing drift and enjoy the pleasant feeling of weightlessness.

For dates and further information, please contact our reception.

about the Floating


Do I need to prepare for that?
You shouldn't use the floater when being under the influence of alcohol or other substances, which affect the consciousness.
Shortly after a lavish or particularly heavy meel, please take some time before you enter the floater too.
If you are going to use this facility, do not apply the wet shaving procedure or depilation. The highly concentrated brine can irrate the skin.

What should I bring?
Nothing. You get relaxed. We provide towels, shampoo, shower gel and hair dryer available.

Swim cap?
You don't need to wear a swim cap. Actuatlly, it doesn't make sense at all. After the floating experience you will have to wash and dry your hair anyway.
The salt is good for the hair, it strengthens and provides it with important elements.

Bathing suit?
It is up to you. You can float in nude. Remember that your swim suit may affect the work of floating so it may be better to leave your clothes in the cloak room.

How does the salt water work on the skin?
The float in the brine does not have any swelling effect on the skin. On the contrary, this treatment makes it soft and delicate, providing both dermis and epidermis with all the necessary ingredients. So, it has a positive impact on the various skin problems.

Can I sleep in the tub?
Yes. You don't need to think during your floating. You cannot get drowned - both due to the water depth and the effect of weightlessness.
Bear in mind, that's an opportunity truly one of the kind to travel between the awakeness and sleep.

Will I really and constantly float over the water? Can't I flip over?
It is impossible not to float on the salt water. The sole has a specific gravity, larger than than the human body. You float like a cork on the surface of the water. The back of the head and the ears are in the water, the face remains unaffected by the salt water. Tipping is not possible.

What if I suffer from claustrophobia?
People with claustrophobia are afraid of small, closed spaces in which they feel as if they were lacking air. In the floater there is no such sensual perception, the patient does not feel closed.
People with claustrophobia are often afraid of floating if they only look at it from the outside. However, in the tub all the concerns and anxiety disappear, because the body can relax and perception of being closed disappears.

Do I have enough fresh air?
Yes. There is constantly fresh air provided by a circulation system in the Floating-Area.

Are there such people who should better not go floating?
Persons who are under 16 years of age may enter the floater only with the consent of their parents or guardians.
People who suffer from epilepsy and are not under medical supervision. People who suffer from severe depression or psychosis, should enter the tub only in consultation with their therapist.
Open wounds are also problematic.

Can pregnant women use the Floating-Tub?
Yes. However, you should consult your doctor first. The feedback from pregnant women, who have used the tub, is very positive. The spine is heavily affected by the pregnancy so the feeling of weightlessness greatly relieves any unpleasant ailments.

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